Annual Conference

An annual conference of the Association shall be organised every year or as the general body may decide, under the auspices of the Association at a suitable place and time to be decided at the annual general meeting of the association Such conference shall usually be held before the l5th day of March.

The General Secretary of Indian Association for Geriatric Mental Health shall be responsible for: Visitors - The following can attend the conference as visitors:- Contribution to the Fund of the Association

Fifty percent (50%) of the amount accumulated in the hand of the Reception Committee after meeting all expenses shall be credited to the funds of the Association and the other half to be credited to the local branch organizing the conference. If the venue of the conference is not covered by or the conference is not organized by any local branch of the Association, the entire amount of the net income of the conference shall be credited to the Association. Ten percent (10%) of the amount this received from the Reception Committee by the Association shall be credited to the fund of the Zonal Branch concerned. The reception Committee shall submit the audited statement of account and credit the share of the Association to the Association within nine months of holding the conference.

Scientific Papers & Sessions

There shall be a scientific programme committee of the association for scientific session to be heId during the Annual Conference. This committee shall lay down general orientation of session choose subjects for symposium. The Committee shall consist of the president as its Chairman, the Editor, the Hony. General Secretary Joint Secretary and another member of the association with power to co- opt members and delegate its functions to a co-opted member or members. There will be another committee known as academic committee which will be nominated by the council for every annual conference. This committee will be responsible for assessing the quality and scientific utility of symposia and papers. Only after acceptance of the symposia and scientific papers, they will be allowed for presentation.

Awards and Scholarship

The association can enter Into contract with Individuals, Institutions, commercial and other bodies to organize competition for prizes, fellowship, or bursaries to encourage research in Geriatric Mental Health and allied subjects, or for any other purposes in keeping with Associations alms and objects.


To issue appeals and apply for money and funds in the furtherance of the objects of the association and to raise or collect funds by gifts, donations subscriptions or otherwise of cash and securities and any property either movable or immovable and to grant such rights and privileges to the donors, subscribers and other benefactors as the association may consider fit and proper.