Membership of Association and Classification of Members :

There shall be a Register in which the names of all Members of the Association shall be entered with their qualifications and addresses. The Register shall also show the zonal branch of the Association, where applicable, to which Member is attached. The General secretary shall enter the name of the newly elected member in the Register and inform the fact of such entry to the Member concerned and to the zonal and local branched, if applicable. The Member shall be deemed to have been elected from the date of his election by the Council. The category of membership shall be determined by the Council at the time of election of the Members. The names of all existing Members of the Association, who has paid his subscription up to the last calendar year shall be published by 30th June each year for the information of zonal and local branches and for all members of the Association. Membership directory of the Association shall be a priced publication.

Members of Associations

There shall be only one class of membership namely “Member” which will include Life fellows. Fellows, Ordinary Members, Associate Members, Honorary Fellows, Corresponding Fellows and Corporate Members.

Members : Registered Medical practitioners under Schedule I or II or Part II of Schedule III of Indian Medical Council Act (1956), or who have any other recognized medical qualification which is considered equivalent to the above by the Council of Indian Association for Geriatric Mental Health, who have obtained a recognized post-graduate qualification in psychiatry/Geriatric Psychiatry and are engaged in whole-time of part time practice in Psychiatry/Geriatric Mental Health shall be eligible for membership. (For the purpose of election to membership, recognized post-graduate qualification in psychiatry / Geriatric mental Health will be when a candidate has undergone at least 2 years training in psychiatry and has obtained D.P. M. or M.D. (Psychiatry) or MRCPsych or Dip. Psych. From the any university in India or any commonwealth country or any Royal College of U.K. and Ireland or is a Diplomat of American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology or Felloship in Geriatric Psychiatry or any other post-graduate qualification of any other university of examination body considered equivalent to above by the Council provided a minimum of 2 years training in psychiatry has been undertaken by the candidate for that qualification). Besides this, people from other disciplines of life services such as social work, sociology, anthropology, psychology, neurology with a recognized degree and involved in the activities of Geriatric Mental Health Care are also Eligible for membership of the association. The membership may also be extended to care givers if they have contributed significantly towards the care of elderly.

Termination of Member ship:

A person shall cease to be a member of the Association if his name is removed from the register. The name of the person shall be removed from the register by the Association

  • on his death.
  • on his resignation. The resignation of any member from the associate I on shall be in writing addressed to the General Secretary and shall be accepted by the Council provided he has paid up all his dues to the Association or
  • if his subscriptions are in arrears for two years and he has not paid in spite of a final notice regarding his dues from the General Secretary or Honorary Treasurer.
  • if declared by competent authority to have become insane or solvent
  • if convicted by a competent court of law under !PC. CRPC.

The membership of any member may be terminated for other reasons which the Council may deem sufficient by votes of not less than two-thirds of the members thereof present at a specia1 meeting called for this purpose or at the annual meeting or at the Annual General Meeting. The member concerned shall have a right to explain his conduct and the General Secretary shall acquaint all the members of the Council with his explanation. He shall have the right to appeal to the General Body, if he so desires but in this case he must inform the Honorary General Secretary of his desire to do o within a month of the receipt of the decision of the Council.

If a member whose name had been terminated previously under Section 11 (c) seeks election without disclosing this fact and is elected erroneously as a new member his election will be considered null and void unless he pays the arrears due from him under the rules.

The General Body

All the members of the Association for Geriatric Mental Health shall constitute the General Body of the association. The General Body meeting of the association shall usually be held during the annual conference of the association and the provisional date and venue shall be proposed and decided at the previous annual general meeting.

Notice and agenda of the General Body Meeting and copies of the minutes of the proceeding of the least Annual General Body meeting shall be sent by the Hony. General Secretary to all Members of the Association at least 30 days before the meeting. An Initial information about the venue (city or town) and provisional dates of the Annual conference and the annual general body meeting shall be given to all members by the Hony. General Secretary in a circular at least 90 days before the Annual General Meeting.

Any member may on giving 60 days notice or less if the matter is one of urgency submit any resolution to the General body for incorporation of the referred matter in the agenda of the General Body Meeting. The resolution shall be first considered by the council after which the Hony. General Secretary shall put the resolution before the General body Meeting for their consideration with the comments of the Executive Council, if any.

The general body meeting shall be presided over by the president. In his absence by vice president, or even in his absence by a member elected at the meeting for the occasion.

The council shall have power to fix or change the date and venue of the annual conference and annual general meeting of the association under special circumstances with the consent of the local branch or member(s) who convened the conference or the organizing secretary of the conference.

Business to be transacted - The business to be transacted at the annual General Meeting shall be taken up in the following order

  • Condolence resolution, if any.
  • Confirmation of the minutes of the proceeding of the last annual general body meeting and extra-Ordinary General Body Meeting, if any.
  • Reading and adoption of the Hony. General Secretary`s report.
  • Reading and adoption of the Hony. Treasurer report and a statement of audited accounts.
  • Reading and adoption of the Hony. Editor`s report.
  • Election of office-bearers and direct members of the executive council in place of retiring members.
  • Appointment of auditor.
  • Amendment of rules and bye-laws if any.
  • Resolution from members, if any.
  • Any other business with the permission of the chair.

The Proceeding of the general body meeting shall be regulated according to the Rules and bye-laws of the Association. Unless otherwise determined by the Rules, every question submitted to the general body meeting shall be decided by show of hands and in case of equality of votes the person presiding shall have and exercise a second or casting vote.

The minutes of proceedings of the general body meeting shall be recorded in a book kept for the purpose and shall be signed by the pres !dent of meeting.


The quorum of the general body meeting shall be 15% of the members of the Association in India. The annual general meeting shall be dissolved if a quorum is not present even after being adjourned for a period not exceeding half-an-hour. Agenda items relating to election of office bearers and direct members of the executive council and appointment of auditor as provided under relevant clauses but not taken up and/or considered at the annual general meeting for absence of quorum shall be deemed to have been added to the agenda of the annual meeting of the executive council and shall be considered at a session to be held after the Annual General Meeting.

Extra-Ordinary General Body Meeting

An extra-ordinary general meeting may be called at any time of the year on the requisition of the executive council or 20% of the members of the Association.

  • Nothing except the business for which it is called shall be discussed at this meeting.
  • At least ten days notice of the meeting with the agenda shall be given to the members.
  • The quorum of the meeting shall be 15% of the members of the Association.
  • If within half an hour from the appointed time a quorum is not present at the meeting called on the requisition of the members shall be dissolved~ But in any other case, it will stand adjourned to the next day at the same time and at the same place as previously fixed, and at this meeting, the member present whatever be their number shall form the quorum and carry on the business.

Composition of the Executive Council

The council shall be composed of the following members

Ex-officio Members:

  • The President
  • The Vice-president
  • The Hony. Genera! Secretary
  • The Hony. Treasurer
  • The Hony. Editor
  • The Immediate Past President
  • The Immediate past Hony. General Secretary

Elected Members :

  • Two representatives from each of the five Zonal Branches.
  • Four Direct Members elected by the General Body of the Association at its annual General Meeting.

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